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Masters of Silk Road Project

The Craftsmen of the Silk Road Project is part of the 2010 Economic Development Financial Support Programme, and has the goal of “transforming the region into a destination for tourism, diversifying the tourism activities, and raising awareness of the tourism industry”. The Programme aims to increase competitive ability in agriculture, tourism and industry by supporting innovation in these areas throughout the TRC1 (Gaziantep, Adıyaman, Kilis) Region.
General Aim:
By strengthening the promotion of Gaziantep, Adıyaman and Kilis handcrafts, to contribute to increased competitive ability and to the region’s becoming a touristic destination.
Specific Aim:
To support the continued production of ten traditional handcrafts and souvenirs manufactured in Gaziantep, Adıyaman and Kilis by strengthening the promotional network for these items.
Project Applicant:
Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce
Project Partners:
Adıyaman Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
Kilis Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
Gaziantep Union of Merchants’ and Craftsmen’s Chambers (GESOB).


The contents of this publication, which has been funded through the 2010 Economic Development Financial Support Programme of the Silk Road Development Agency, does not represent the views of the Silk Road Development Agency and/or the Ministry of Development. The Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce is the sole bearer of responsibility for the contents.