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Jewellery Making Today

Popular items worn by the people of Gaziantep, Adıyaman and Kilis are rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and belts.
In Gaziantep, the main products are rings, earrings, bracelets and matched sets.
In Adıyaman, many gold Adıyaman-style “burma” bracelets and rose-pattern bracelets (“Güllü”) are manufactured.
The predominant gold jewellery items made in Kilis are bridal tiaras, chains in the style called “antelope foot”, and “akıtmalı” bracelets made of rows of chains.

In all three provinces, gold jewellery is an essential part of marriage procedures, the bride and groom’s families coming to an agreement as to which pieces will be bought as soon as the girl’s hand has been given in marriage. It is the custom for especially the groom’s side to buy jewellery which will thereafter considered the bride’s property, and serve as a safety net against times of economic difficulty during the marriage, or be used as capital for future investments.

As in our society as a whole, in Gaziantep, Adıyaman Kilis too, gold is invested with meaning beyond its material value. There are many popular regional sayings and proverbs referring to gold, such as:
“May God turn all you touch to gold.”
“Art is a golden bracelet” (i.e. a skill one can use to support oneself).
“If words are silver, silence is golden.”
“Altın kepeğe muhtaçtır.” : Even gold needs the chaff ( i.e. Something that seems of comparatively little value may sometimes be essential).
“Çürük mürük koz verdik, altın kimi kız aldık.” : Something like: We won a golden girl based on shaky leverage. ( Said when someone gains something of value based on false grounds ).
“Adam adamın, sarraf altının kadrini bilir.”:Everyone does best what they know best.
“Ağırlık altın kala, yelinceklik başa bela”.: It is better to behave with gravity (heavy like gold) as frivolousness will get you into trouble.

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