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Mother-Of-Pearl Inlaying Today

A wide range of goods are decorated with mother-of-pearl inlay.  The Gaziantep craftsmen contribute significantly to the art, producing: pistol grips and dagger hilts; living room suites; mirror and picture frames;  coffee tables; desks; lecterns for the Kuran; tray stands; jewellery boxes, chess sets; hope chests; jewellery chests; dressing tables; telephone stands; ashtrays; cigarette boxes and rifle butts.

Among the most popular inlaid gift items, and widely produced in the city, are rectangular or shell-shaped jewellery boxes. The symmetrically decorated boxes are ideal for storing jewellery, makeup or other items. The reasonably-priced boxes are decorated with flower motif medallions (“penç”), rosebuds, leaves, spots, triangles and squares.

There is a large market for mother-of-pearl marquetry, both worldwide and in its place of origin, the Middle East, and its contribution to the Turkish economy is not insignificant. The existing workshops today manufacture mainly souvenirs and gift items for visitors.

As well as for making small items, marquetry has also been used extensively on buildings. The most spectacular instances are: the doors of the Beyazıt II Mosque in Edirne; reputedly, the coffin of Fatih Sultan Mehmet; the doors of Murat III ’s tomb in Hagia Sophia; and the doors of the Zağanospaşa Mosque in Balıkesir.

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