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Quilt Making Today

Quilts are an important part of a Kilis girl’s wedding trousseau, it is being considered necessaryfor her to have at least 4 or 5. Once the quilt has been delivered to the customer, a slipcover called a “malefe” is sewn.
Thousands of quilts sewn in the workshops of Kilis are sold all over the country; still being in demand by devotees who appreciate their healthy and hand-made qualities.

The people of Anatolia invest quilts with significance beyond their function as a bed cover, many proverbs and sayings attributing to this emotion:
“Burning the quilt to get rid of a flea“ : To suffer damage as a result of exaggerating something unimportant.
“To be laid flat out under the quilt“: To be very ill.
“To wear out nine quilts“: To live to a great age.
“To converse under a fine quilt“: To be very intimate.

This quartet is by Rifat of Kilis:
Satin counterpane
Where did you spring from
We never knew longing
Until you unleashed it in us.

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