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Antep İşi Embroidery Today

Antep işi embroidery is mostly used to embellish tablecloths, bedspreads, waistcoats, blouses, nightwear, robes, handkerchiefs and headscarves. It can also be used to decorate the corners of cloth bundles, towels, pillowcases, earth-oven covers, men’s handkerchiefs, woven belt sashes, and babywear such as shawls, swaddling clothes and cradle blankets.
In Gaziantep, the following Antep işi items are traditionally included in a young girl’s trousseau:
Bed linen sets:
1 bedspread, 2 valances, 2 cushion covers, any number of pillow cases.
Living room sets:
1 tablecloth, 2 side table covers, 12 or 18 handkerchiefs.
Headscarf (headcover for religioius ceremonies)

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