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Coppersmithing Today

The variety of copperware produced by Gaziantep, Adıyaman and Kilis is endless;

  • Dishes/pans for heating and serving food: çirtikli sahan, çukur sahan (deep dish), kapaklı sahan (lidded dish) and kaymak sahanı (cream dish)
  • Pans for frying and cooking: yağ tavası (oil pan), kızartma tavası (frying pan), pilav tavası (rice pan) and ötçe tavası
  • Mugs for water and ayran, drinking cups
  • Pitchers used for face washing and performing ablutions
  • Decorative interior braziers
  • Trays for cooking desserts and serving; divan sinisi (large decorative tray), salça sinisi, künefe sinisi (pastry tray), kuzu sinisi (lamb cooking tray), kahve sinisi (coffee tray) and hamadan
  • Bowls for preparing food
  • Plates for serving rice

In the past, during the golden age of copper, the following items were used widely but are now heading towards obsoletion:

  • Pots and cauldrons for cooking and heating water; mahsere kazanı (largest cauldron for making molasses), don kazanı (for washing laundry), kelle kazanı (for cooking), guşhana (small saucepan), tis kazanı,, Arap kazanı, helva kazanı
  • Containers for carrying hamam equipment
  • Bakkal tası, bowls for weighing scales used by grocers
  • Tins for carrying food
  • Containers for carrying water and yoghurt

In the past, copperware products were found in all areas of daily life, in particular in the kitchen, but today they are mainly displayed as decorative items in living rooms. In recent years, as people came to realise that cooking with copper pots produced  healthier and tastier food than when using other materials, copperware began a gradual return to the kitchen. Coppersmiths have fought to keep their centuries-old profession alive, and now they not only produce traditional pots, pans and coffee pots for discerning food lovers, but they also develop new designs and products to suit modern needs.

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