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The Production Process

After a model has been designed, manufacture begins with the making of a mould. The mould is filled with heated wax. The waxed mould is known as an ‘ağaç’ (tree). It is then covered in plaster and heated at a high temperature. The plaster having taken the shape of the molten wax, the silver is heated to 900 C and the molten silver poured into the plaster mould.

The plaster is later cleaned off with water and any remaining bits filed and sanded away. The silver on the tree-like mould is separated, being cut away piece by piece, and then the finer work on the jewellery piece is carried out. After welding and polishing, the item is completed. Silver items undergo 15 separate processes before reaching the final consumer.
Although, with the influence of mechanization in the jewellery making process, modern styles predominate today, silver products requiring intensive manual labour continue to be made.

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